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10 Tips for Better Test-Taking

The purpose of a test is to measure your comprehension of course material or your ability to perform a task. As such, there is no substitute for good, old-fashioned study and practice. Still, here are some steps you can take so your test-taking experiences represent your best foot forward.

Get There Early

If you can show up early for your test, you should. Make a list of everything you need. Knowing that you are well prepared and taking a bit of time before the test to clear your head will help you focus on the task ahead. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and ignore all the other students stressing out.

Sit Up Straight

Slouching in your chair restricts blood circulation in your body and to your brain. Make sure to sit up straight, especially for a long test, so your brain does not tire quickly.

Strategic Advance

Once the test begins, you will want to read the instructions carefully and scan every question before starting. Complete the easiest questions first to help build your confidence. Then attack those that give the most points. On true-false or multiple-choice tests, eliminate all obviously incorrect answers. If you are writing an essay, create a broad outline and the sequence of your points.


Once done, do not just turn it in and run out the door. Go through to make sure you have answered every question and that you have not made any mistakes. You should also review your performance afterwards. Note the study strategies that worked for you and those that did not. Perhaps you need to work on certain areas to improve.

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Knowing is Half the Battle

There is no substitute for gathering all of the facts at hand and studying them until you have memorized them. It may be frustrating, but when you know the material, the test should be easy. If you do not, it will be tough. Teachers will often alter true statements slightly to make them false and try to fool you. Having a solid grasp of the material will help you to avoid those pitfalls.

Follow Instructions

Your teacher may make oral changes to the instructions, so listen carefully to what is announced and ask questions beforehand. If you missed something, or misunderstood, it can cause greater anxiety when taking the test. Same goes for the written instructions. You may have to choose one of three essay questions. If you do not read the instructions, you get stuck writing all three.

Create a Timeline

Estimate how long it will take you to complete each section of the test and determine a pace that will allow you to finish the whole test on time. Hold yourself to your timeframe. You do not want to miss out on later sections of the test because you got bogged down on one question.

Trust Your Gut

Often times, your first impression is the right one. Do not overthink things when you think you have the right answer. If you are continuously rethinking and changing your answers, you are spending valuable time and probably doing more harm than good.

Stay Positive

Do not fret and calm your nerves. Keep that attitude throughout the test. If you come across a difficult question, remain composed, move on to another, and come back to it later. Do not let yourself get influenced by patterns. Just because the last three answers were C does not mean that the next one will not be also. Focus exclusively on the questions and answers, ignoring what patterns you think you see.

Question-Specific Advice

Here are a few quick strategies for different kinds of questions you may find on an exam.

Multiple-Choice Questions

Come up with your own answer to the question before reading the options provided. Eliminate obviously wrong answers to improve your chances when you guess. With numerical values, you can usually eliminate the extreme low and high options and focus on the middle range. Beware of NOT TRUE questions which will require you to find the false answer.

Essay Questions

Make sure you understand what the question is asking you to do- summarize, describe, compare, outline- and organize your thoughts before you start writing. Follow the rules of composition and write legibly.

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