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The Best Time

Believe it or not, this varies among kids. Some fare better starting their homework within a half hour of arriving home, while others need a longer stretch of time to unwind and recharge with some outdoor activity, exercise, or playtime before they’re able to refocus their attention on school-oriented tasks. Experiment with different starting times and watch for patterns. What kids might think they prefer isn’t necessarily the most optimal time. With enough trial and error, you’ll soon discover a connection between homework time and homework quality/test results.

The Best Places to Study

The most opportune place for your child to study is exactly where he/she feels comfortable; perhaps on their bed with a soft lamp, at the kitchen counter with plenty of natural light and room to spread out, or in a quiet corner desk without distractions. The most important component is allowing them to choose, giving them a sense of control which can help them feel empowered to do their best. You might even encourage them to try out different spaces. And if you find that they like to switch things up from day to day or even subject to subject, that’s okay too. 

Dealing with Difficult Homework

Many parents have heard the frustrating moan, “It’s too hard,” coming from their son’s or daughter’s lips. After a long day yourself, motivating a kid who’s feeling defeated can seem nearly impossible. But before you get too exasperated, it’s important to show compassion and offer valid solutions that encourage them to stay focused. Rather than telling them in an exasperated tone to keep trying, ask them in a calm, genuine voice if they’d like your help understanding the instructions or concept. Or suggest that they call a friend who might be able to assist.  


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