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Kids and chores. Two words that don’t exactly go together like peanut butter and jelly, eh? With enough persistent encouragement, eventually (fingers crossed), they’ll come to see the intrinsic value in finishing homework and keeping things—and themselves—tidy. But until then, why not motivate them by turning tasks into a timed adventure?


At first glance, it might seem a bit draconian, but setting timers for kids during a designated task has several benefits. Think back to your own childhood. As you probably remember, “Clean Your Room” easily stretched into an entire afternoon spent among piles of forgotten baseball cards and stuffed animals, amusing ourselves with our “newfound” discoveries for hours, only to sweep it all right under the bed the minute we heard the menacing sound of mom’s approaching footsteps. Giving kids a set period of time to complete chores, rather than an entire unregimented day in which they can easily become sidetracked, provides them with much-needed structure to focus on—and finish—the task at hand. Without the time for daydreaming and diversions, they soon realize that efficiency in everyday tasks means having much more bona fide free time.  

How looooooonnnng, mom?

Whether they’ve been banished to time out or asked to read a book, kids have a tendency to dramatize the time it takes to finish things that hold little interest to them. An added benefit to timing their tasks is that kids begin to see just how little time and effort  it takes to get the job done.  Using a timer empowers them to work efficiently toward goals, setting them up for much better future habits when it comes to responsibility and time management.

Tried-and-True Countdown Tools

When it comes to timing kids’ tasks, which timers work best? Can you use the old refrigerator stand-by, or is there something more effective at keeping them focused on finishing?While any timer will do the trick, consider giving them something more personalized, such as their own special timer just for chores and homework. Or, explore many of the free smartphone apps, such as Happy Kids Timer or ChoreMonster. Designed specifically for motivating kids to get through everyday mundane tasks they might otherwise prolong, these apps provide them with fun visuals in the form of personalized avatars, ticking countdowns, and even a built-in reward system that compensates them with stars or other merits for completing tasks on time. These rewards then accumulate and can be swapped for something of value like a new toy, book, or extra cartoon time.


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