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Give Your Child's Day Some Structure With School Year Routines

One of the best ways to keep your child on track during the school year is by setting school year routines they can follow. The structure created by a routine can ensure your child is staying productive while streamlining their day. These are just some examples of the types of routines you can create for your child.

Bedtime Routine for Students

Getting your child to bed on time every night can prove to be a struggle. They may be too busy watching videos on their laptop, messaging friends on their cell phone, or even finishing up homework they forgot to do. This can be detrimental to their health and their learning the next day. To help them get the best rest possible, set up a bedtime routine that gets them the right amount of sleep every night. Their routine should start at least an hour before their actual bedtime. This hour should be used to perform relaxing activities that will help them fall asleep faster. Make their room as dark as possible and have them avoid blue light devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) so that they get the best rest possible.

After School Routine

Ideally, students would get home and power through their homework without having to be told to do it. However, this is far from reality for many parents. It's ok for your child to not do their homework as soon as they step into your home. They may actually need some rest or some downtime after a long day of learning. Allow your child to get some physical activity, take a short nap, and have a healthy snack before moving onto more learning.

Study Routine

Now that your child has refueled, they should follow a homework and study routine. By setting up a daily homework routine your child will get used to doing their homework at the same time each day and will be less likely to resist doing it. Start by creating a homework area that allows them to be productive. Have them start each homework session by making a list of all the assignments they need to get done. Help them prioritize this list and decide how long each assignment should take. This will help them manage their time better and stay on track while avoiding distractions.

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