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How to Figure Out Your Child's Learning Style with Tutoring Near Rochester Hills

It is often said that not all students learn at the same pace or through the same methods. Since most classrooms are full of students with their own learning methods, it can be hard for a teacher to address all of their specific needs. However, you can help your child learn their lessons more effectively by identifying their specific learning style and working with it. If you're not sure what learning style your child works best with, The Tutoring Center near Rochester Hills has some tips to help you discover it.

Seven Main Learning Styles

Everyone has their own methods when it comes to learning and studying. While there are seven main learning styles that are widely recognized, it is essential that you keep in mind that your child may display characteristics from at least a couple. If your child presents characteristics from several learning styles, you may find one style dominates over the rest. There is also a chance that a different style will be the dominant one depending on the situation. Once you have figured out your child's preferred learning style, you can help them develop better study habits and employ better learning tools.

Auditory Learning Style

The auditory learning style is often referred to as aural learning. As its name suggests, this style relies heavily on listening techniques and musical or rhythmic compositions. If your child is an auditory learner, they will feel more comfortable listening to academic material rather than reading it. They will display great listening skills and will prefer oral lectures or speeches. When it comes to studying, auditory learners will retain information better after listening to it or by using a rhyme or rhythm to repeat the information back to themselves. Encourage your child to use mnemonic devices or create jingles that will make information easier to remember.

Visual Learning Style

The visual learning style may also be called spatial learning. Students who are considered visual learners prefer to use images, colors and diagrams to learn new information. Encourage your child to color code their class notes using colored pens or highlighters in order to have their information visually organized. When possible, replace words with images or diagrams in order to make learning more effective. Spatial organization and using functional layouts will make studying more manageable and effective for your child.

Kinesthetic Learning Style

Kinesthetic learners may also be called physical learners or tactile learners. As the name suggests, students who fall into this category fare better when using their sense of touch or their body to learn. Allow your child to move around while studying and ask them to relate their material to a physical sense. Having physical objects that relate to their work or study material will help them learn their lessons better. When possible, encourage your child to take on role playing as a study method. Drawing diagrams and charts may also be effective for some kinesthetic learners since these can be physical activities. If your child is in need of extra academic support, keep in mind that The Tutoring Center near Rochester Hills offers great academic programs and one-to-one tutoring that are sure to help your child succeed academically. If your child needs tutoring services or help with test preparation, give us a call at (732) 419- 3813 to schedule your free consultation!

Verbal Learning Style

Verbal learners are also known as linguistic learners. This learning style puts a strong emphasis on words, whether written or spoken. Encourage your child to use mnemonic devices, such as creating acronyms, to learn information. Your child may also benefit from reciting written information or recording it and listening to it. Just like kinesthetic learners, verbal learners may also benefit from role playing exercises. Create dramatic situations for roleplaying in order to help your child recall the information better.

Logical Learning Style

The logical learning style is often also called mathematical learning. Because a logical learner does better understanding through reasoning and logic they are often described as the opposite of verbal learners. Logical learners will focus their attention on understanding the reasons behind the way things work. They have an easier time identifying patterns and understanding procedures, as well as identifying relationships between objects. Allowing your child to understand the reasons behind something before focusing on the end result or the big picture will allow them to better grasp important information.

Social and Solitary Learning Styles

Social and solitary learners display opposite characteristics, but that doesn't mean one is right and one isn't. Social learners do better in a group setting where they are allowed to socialize and interact with others as they learn. Solitary learners prefer to work alone and study without social distractions. Allow your social learner to participate in study groups or to work with others. This will help them share information and receive valuable feedback. If your child is a solitary learner, they will retain information better by working alone and internalizing what they're learning. Encourage your child to find personal connections with their material in order to grasp it better.

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