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How to Get Your Child Reading This Winter Break

Reading may not seem like the most fun activity, but you can definitely make it more fun for your student. Use this winter break to encourage your child to develop a love of reading using these simple tips.

Set Reading Goals

Before school lets out for winter break, help your child develop some reading goals. These can be anything from reading a certain number of books to reading for a set amount of hours. Whatever their goals are, ask how you can help them reach these targets. They may need a ride to the library or a quiet and comfortable reading space. Do your best to help them reach their reading goals.

Make Reading More Interesting

Some students may not enjoy reading because all they read are textbooks and school material. To turn this around, help your child discover genres they enjoy. Take a trip to the library and let them browse the selection. Allow them to pick books that spark their interest so that reading will be more fun. You can also help them download books onto an e-reader so the experience is new and exciting.

Reading Rewards

To make reading something positive, avoid associating it with negative things. Never assign reading as a punishment, and instead turn it into something fun. Read together, take reading trips, and give your child books as gifts. If they're reading a book series, surprise them with the next book in the series. This will help them associate reading with something positive, helping them enjoy the activity much more.

Reading Tutoring in Troy MI

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