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The final exam is every student’s most dreaded obstacle. It signifies the culmination of another year and the arrival of summer vacations. However, it is typically an incredibly demanding and quite stressful experience for a few weeks. All too often, students will wait until the last minute to ‘study’, and then they don’t have enough time to review, or possibly relearn, all of the information from the very beginning of the year.. To help make finals less stressful, The Tutoring Center in Troy recommends starting early and here are some of our tips:
  • Keep everything very well organized during the entire term. Use colors to match folders and notebooks of the same subject. Have an organization system at home to keep notes, homework, and exams; that way, when it is time to start studying, you know where everything is.
  • Review and summarize your notes weekly. If you start re-reading your notes at the very beginning of a term, by the time the final comes, you know the information and won’t need to study it. Repetition is a great way to learn information long term, so review previous notes and exams regularly.
  • Seek help whenever you need it, not just before exams. Too many students wait until it is too late, realize they are in trouble and only then turn to the teacher to be saved. Many teachers will do what they can to help, but it is really the student’s fault for waiting so long. If at any point during the term you don’t understand something, schedule a time to go over it with your teacher. Some subjects you may want to consider one-to-one tutoring at a private tutoring center for the most help.
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