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What to Look for in a Tutor

There are a number of different reasons to enroll your child in tutoring, but no matter what your reasons are, you must be sure your child's tutor is effective. To help you identify some essential skills a tutor must possess, keep reading.

Teaching Abilities

Without teaching abilities, a tutor won't be able to communicate important information to your child. After all, teaching lessons aren't just about knowing the information yourself. A tutor must know some teaching techniques that will ensure the student is able to grasp their lessons. This also requires that the tutor knows how to speak to a child according to their age and their skill level.

Experience With the Subject

Along with teaching abilities, your child's tutor should also have experience in the subject they're teaching. Without any experience, the tutor may not be able to answer your child's questions, leaving them unable to make progress. Think about it this way, you probably wouldn't hire a piano teacher who has never played the piano.


Finally, a tutor should be able to keep their students motivated. This doesn't mean they need to put on a performance or constantly offer rewards for getting work done, but they should be able to keep your child's attention. If they're able to make lessons fun, then that's even better!

Tutoring in Troy MI

Looking for a great tutor in Troy? Look no further than The Tutoring Center, Troy MI! They offer a number of great academic programs that can help your child reach success. Give them a call at (248) 509- 7177 to learn more!


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