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How to Have a Strong End to the School Year

It can be hard for most students to stay motivated through the end of the school year when summer break is right around the corner. To help your child stay on track and finish strong, use these tips.

Focus on the Finish Line

Most students skip right over the finish line and instead spend their time focusing on what's beyond it: summer break. Help your student put their energy into what comes first: end of year evaluations. Stay informed about what exams, projects, and presentations they have coming up so you can help reroute their attention to these. By staying informed, you can also help them stay more motivated. Consider having a reward waiting for them on the last day of class to celebrate a successful school year.

Set End-of-Year Goals

Setting goals at the beginning of the school year or at the start of each semester is a great way to keep your child working towards something concrete. This strategy can also be used to ensure your child ends the school year productively. Have them set goals for the grades they want to reach on exams or in a class. Next, help them create a plan to reach their goals. Doing so will help your child stay focused and working hard.

Prioritize and Stay Organized

Things can get messy at the end of the school year because of how much there is going on. Help your child stay on top of all their work and social commitments by using a calendar to keep track of important dates. Decide how much time each project or assignment will require and plan accordingly. Taking the time to get organized will not only help your child stay on top of their assignments, but it can also help them avoid getting overwhelmed.

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