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You know that one of your greatest challenges as a parent is in helping your child to create good habits. Whether those habits are for academic purposes, like the habit of taking great notes, or are more in line with life skills, you work hard to be sure your child learns them well and that he or she is provided with tutoring in Troy, if needed. Likewise, The Tutoring Center in Troy has a few tips for you today on how to help your child form excellent habits and great decision making skills for life and health. 

Whether the healthy habits you want your child to form are to do with food, exercise, or reading, it is so important that you keep in mind the mentality of modeling the behavior you want your child to have. When your child sees that you are forming a habit, or already have it well in formation, he or she will be more likely to get excited about doing it as well. 

Second, it’s important to keep your child involved in the process of forming these new and healthy habits. Think about it this way, you could simply mandate what your child eats, when he or she sits down to read, what active play he or she engages in, or you could allow your child to be an active member in that decision making process. Let him or her come up with some menu ideas, and even assist you in making healthy meals. Likewise, let your child come up with some ideas for active family outings, and maybe with the help of another adult, even plan one for the family to go on together. 

Remember now, that if you choose to reward your child for grasping and putting to use these new healthy habits, you should reward them with something that is actually rewarding. Remember your child’s interests and try to keep the reward in line with them. Likewise, ensure that the reward does not negate the healthy habit you’ve been trying to instill. For example, if your healthy habit is exercise, then perhaps your reward should not be going to the movies. While there is nothing wrong with going to the movies, it’s important to think of an active reward for an active healthy habit. 

As you are helping your child to form these excellent habits, it’s important to note when you start to see a change in his or her study habits or work ethic as well, as it will likely happen. You may very well begin to see your child putting more interest and work into all things academic. Even still, if your child is struggling with a particular subject area or class, remember that The Tutoring Center is available to help provide your child with the assistance needed. For tutoring in Troy, contact us today at 248-509-7177.


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