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If your child is a junior in high school and is trying to raise his/her ACT or SAT score, our SAT/ACT test prep program is definitely worth a look.

The diagnostic assessment for this program is a full practice ACT exam. We will be offering the practice ACT on Sundays, January 24, 31, and February 7. In addition, we prepare an extensive multi-page report detailing what areas your child scored well on and what areas he/she needs help with. And the best part? Both the exam and the report are FREE!

Our report doesn't just give your child his/her score by area on the test. It shows what questions were marked correctly, incorrectly, or not answered at all. It then summarizes this information by content area, so your child knows exactly what areas he/she needs help on. Here is a sample ACT report prepared for our SAT/ACT Test Prep Coordinator, Andrew Catterall (who just happened to get a perfect 36 on all four parts of the exam!):

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