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How to Ensure Your Child Completes Their Homework Over Winter Break

Although many students are looking forward to a winter break full of fun and relaxation, chances are they will have to complete at least some homework during this period. To ensure your child stays productive and completes their homework, use these tips.

Create a Schedule

Once your child knows what homework they will need to get done over winter break, help them create a schedule that will ensure they have time for it all. This can include daily homework hours or even a study plan for those who plan to travel. Whatever you decide on, be sure your child sticks to their schedule in order to avoid having them cram all their work into one day.

Stick to School Routines

Having your child stick to their school routines can help them stay productive over winter break. Ensure that your child gets to bed on time every night so that they aren't too tired to do anything productive during the day. Be sure they're getting plenty of sleep and making time to study so that their good habits don't go out the window this winter break.

Encourage Relaxation

Winter break shouldn't be all about doing homework. Allow your child to have fun and relax during this break from school. Encourage them to participate in fun activities and enjoy their free time. This will help them return to school ready to learn.

Winter Tutoring in Troy MI

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