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New Year's Resolutions for Academic Success

The new year is the perfect chance for your child to start fresh. They can use the start of a new year to reevaluate their goals or set New Year's resolutions to keep them on the right academic track. Below are some examples of resolutions that can help students reach academic success this year.

Stay Organized

Staying organized can be quite tricky for students who are a bit messy. Help your child overcome their messiness this year by working together to develop healthy organization habits. Set aside time each week for your child to clean and organize their desk, backpack, and notebooks. Over time, they may learn to keep things tidy, helping them keep a clear mind.

Use a Day Planner

If your child lugs around a day planner all year but never seems to actually write in it, get them in the habit of doing so. Ask them to write down important test dates and their daily homework assignments. To ensure they do it, you can check their planner daily. Once they get used to doing this, you'll no longer have to check that their day planner is actually being used.

Ask Questions

Asking questions in class is a great way to clear up any confusion, but many students refuse to do it. Whether they're just shy or afraid of looking dumb, there's no good reason not to ask questions when they're lost. Help your child overcome their fear of raising their hand in class and watch them thrive academically.

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