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Writing Tips for Middle School Students

Writing may not be your child's favorite subject, but this doesn't mean they can't get better at it. In fact, there are some easy tips and tricks your child can use to become a better writer. To help them achieve this feat, check out these tips.

Understand the Topic

Before your child jumps head first into a writing assignment, teach them to do some planning before putting pen to paper. To start, they should make sure they understand the subject they're writing about. The topic should be clear and they should plan out some ideas that answer the prompt they were given. Once they have these ideas down, they can move to the next step.

Organize Your Ideas

Teach your child to organize their ideas in a way that will make a writing assignment much easier to complete. Start by deciding on the structure for their assignment so that they can organize their thoughts accordingly. They can also build an outline that will give them an easy to follow map as they start writing. Their outline should include their thesis, main ideas, and supporting evidence. By having this all thought out and organized, writing the actual paper will be a breeze.

Make Time for Fun Writing

Not all writing has to be academic, and it's important that your child understands this. Introduce them to other writing forms, including blogging, journaling, and creative writing. Allowing them to explore other writing forms may help them realize they actually do like to write!

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