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Tips to Help Motivate Your Child to Read This Summer

The summer is the perfect time to relax with a good book in hand. However, if your child is a reluctant reader, this is easier said than done. To help motivate your child to read this summer, follow these simple tips from The Tutoring Center near Troy.

Work With Your Child's Teacher

Your child's teachers can help provide you with extra support when it comes to your child's academics. Don't be shy about contacting your child's teacher and asking for pointers to help encourage your child to read this summer. Ask about your child's reading habits in class and their reading level. For even more help, ask for a reading list that includes books at the right reading level for your child.

Set a Positive Reading Example at Home

If your child doesn't show much interest in reading, one way to help turn that around is by setting a positive example at home. To help spark their interest in reading, provide varied reading material around your home. Create a comfortable reading corner or assemble a small library in your home. Stock this space with books, magazines, and graphic novels your child is interested in. Remember that your actions will also help set a positive example. Instead of reaching for the television remote during your free time grab a book instead.

Create a Reading Group or Book Club

To motivate your child to read this summer, create a book club or a reading group. For older children, a book club with friends that holds weekly meetings will help encourage them to keep up with the book of the week. They will need to keep up in order to be able to participate in discussions and voice their opinions about the development of the plot. Younger children will have an easier time if the reading group also includes adults. An adult will be able to ask questions and help guide discussions during meet ups. If your child needs extra help staying academically active this summer, The Tutoring Center near Troy can help! We offer specialized tutoring programs that help target your child's needs. For the best tutoring classes near Troy, give us a call at (732) 419- 3813 and don't forget to schedule your free consultation!

Designate Daily Reading Time

To ensure your child is regularly participating in reading, designate daily reading time. The amount of time can vary by the day, but it is important that your child makes a habit of reading daily. Your child's reading should be done at a time when they're not distracted or pressured. To make this time even more effective, participate in it yourself. If your child is just learning to read, use this time to read out loud together. For older children, this time can be spent reading together or reading in the same space but separately. No matter what method you choose, participating in reading time with your child can make the experience more enjoyable.

Create a Summer Reading Journal

A summer reading journal can be used to keep track of your child's reading as well as encourage some writing practice. Allow your child to pick out the journal of their choice and some stationary supplies in order to get them more excited about this new project. They can create a list of the books they read over the summer as well as a vocabulary list. Provide your child with writing prompts that relate to the books they are reading. For example, ask them to write about their favorite character in the book and draw a picture of what they imagine this character to look like. Other examples include what they like about the book and what they would change in the story.

Get Creative With Your Reading

If your child is more of a hands on learner, providing activities that relate to their reading is a great way to motivate them to continue reading a book. Pull out your craft supplies and encourage your child to get creative using information from the book. You can have your child create a diorama of their favorite scene in the book or create items described in the story. If your child is reading a Harry Potter book, help them create items like an invisibility cloak or a magic wand.

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