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Tips to Identify a Struggling Reader

Reading is a skill that all students need to continually work on improving. Since reading is needed for just about everything in life, identifying reading struggles early on will help your child avoid further academic issues. Look out for these signs of a reading struggle so that your child can get the help they need to master this skill.

Sounding out Words Is Difficult

Sounding out words is a standard part of learning to read, but if your child isn't a new reader and is struggling with sounding out words they come across often, this can indicate that they have an issue. If your child has trouble with words that are spelled out phonetically or if they commonly misidentify words, they may need extra help with phonics.

Difficulty With Fluency

Fluency refers to your child's ability to read a text fluidly, with the proper pauses, inflections, and pronunciation. They should also be able to read at the correct pace and recall information from the text after reading. If they struggle with putting all of this together, then they may need help developing their fluency skills. Look out for choppy reading, reading word by word, or struggling to recall any information after reading a text.

Refusing to Read

Students who struggle with reading will often refuse to read, especially out loud. If your child won't read or develops a negative attitude when the subject comes up, chances are they're struggling with the subject but are embarrassed to ask for help. Talk to your child about their reading struggles and reassure them that you can work together to improve.

Reading Tutoring in Troy MI

If your child needs extra help developing their reading skills, tutoring in Troy can help. The Tutoring Center, Troy MI has reading programs that can help your child strengthen their reading skills. Give their learning center a call at (248) 509- 7177 to learn more.


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