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We, here at The Tutoring Center in Troy, previously talked to you about summer learning loss. Unfortunately, this phenomenon accounts for learning losses in the areas of mathematics and reading, however there are many things you can do to prevent this common struggle. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Troy, we would like to share useful advice on this topic.

Visit the Library

Encouraging your children to read may seem like a difficult task, as books may have to compete with their smart phones and other devices. However, visiting  the local library is a good way to help your children choose their books according to their interests. Keep in mind that there may be summer activities and ask the librarian for a recommendation.

Encourage Your Children to Write

There are many ways to practice  the writing skills of your children and a journal or blog are great ways to achieve it. Remember that you should provide your children with topics and ideas for their writings and also have the school supplies they need.

Summer Tutoring

There are many good reason for enrolling your children in a summer tutoring program, as they will be able to practice their knowledge and skills and fill in learning gaps. Plus it can even get your children ahead academically. These are just some ideas that can get your children out of the house and prevent any summer losses. Also, you should take advantage of the summer months to instill effective study habits in your children, so be sure to read our guide to beat procrastination.

Tutoring in Troy, Michigan

If you are looking to enroll your children in an academic program  to keep their brains stimulated over the summer, you can trust The Tutoring Center. Our exclusive programs are intended to boost the abilities of our students while improving their struggle areas. Consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Troy. Call 248-509-7177 to schedule a free schedule.


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