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Tips to Help Prevent the Summer Slide

Now that summer break is in full swing, it is important that your child participates in academic activities that will keep their brain active. Instead of allowing your child a full break from everything academic, take the proper measure to prevent the summer slide. To find out more about the summer learning loss children may be affected by, check out this information from The Tutoring Center Troy MI.

Understand the Summer Slide

The summer slide is also commonly called the summer brain drain. This summer learning loss refers to the academic setbacks children can suffer during the months they are not in school. Children who don't participate in academically enriching activities during their summer break can actually lose knowledge they acquired during the school year, setting them back a couple of months when compared to their peers who were academically active in the summer. This learning loss can affect your child's reading level, writing abilities, mathematical abilities, and memory of important history and science lessons. This learning loss isn't just bad news because your child can lose important information they worked hard to learn, but also because once the new school year starts up, they will be more at risk of falling behind in class. Some teachers may even lose valuable class time because they will have to reteach lessons that students forgot over summer break.

Who is Affected by the Summer Slide?

While all students in any grade can be affected by the summer slide, low-income students are more susceptible to summer learning losses. These students often have less access to summer learning programs and academic resources, leaving them more at risk. To avoid having your child be one of the many who will suffer from a summer learning loss this season, be sure their brain stays active and learning this summer. Like the muscles in your body, the brain must be used and exercised in order to get the most out of it. There are many activities you can prepare for your child in order to prevent the summer slide. To help your child avoid the summer slide this season, contact The Tutoring Center Troy MI. We offer targeted academic programs focused on reading, writing, and math that help your child reach academic success. For the best tutoring classes near Troy MI and to schedule your free consultation, give us a call at (732) 419- 3813!

How to Prevent the Summer Slide

If you're worried that your child isn't getting enough academic practice this summer, there are easy ways you can help prevent the summer slide at home. Follow these simple tips to help your child retain their school lessons and keep their brain sharp during summer vacation.

Focus on Reading

Reading is an important activity that your child should participate in daily during their summer break. Children who don't read at least 4-6 books during summer are at risk of regressing in their reading level. In a previous post, we gave you some simple pointers to help encourage your child to read over the summer months. Some of these tips include setting a positive reading example, asking your child's teacher for book recommendations, and designating daily reading time at home. Along with these tips, you can also make time to read aloud with your child or sign them up for a summer reading program at your local library.

Daily Math Practice

Math may seem like a hard subject to incorporate into your child's daily routine, but it's actually quite easy. Instead of focusing on quadratic equations and proofs, put your child's basic math skills to the test. If you take a shopping trip to the mall, have them figure out the final price of items that are on sale. This will help them practice their knowledge of percentages and division. Things as simple as estimating the price of all your groceries, measuring items while cooking, and making change will help keep your child's brain active and learning. For added math help in more advanced skills, sign your child up for summer math tutoring.

Encourage Summer Writing

Writing is another common area where children will suffer setbacks during the summer months. To keep your child in the habit of writing, propose some fun summer long writing projects. One great option is to have your child journal about their summer days. Head to the store and get your child a new journal and writing supplies so they will be more excited to start journaling. Allowing your child to write freely will encourage them to write more, but do remind them to write often. If a journal is too outdated for your child, consider allowing them to start an online blog instead.

Tutoring Classes in Troy MI

The Tutoring Center, Troy MI can help your child avoid the summer slide. Our tutors can help your child build on the knowledge they gained this school year while preparing them for the next one. Check out our academic programs and decide which one fits your child's needs best. Contact us at (248) 509- 7177 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.


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