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How to Take the Most Effective Class Notes

If your child has trouble taking class notes that they can use later on, help them take better notes with these simple tips.

Use a Separate Notebook for Each Class

Although some students think it's easier to use one large notebook or binder to hold all of their notes from all of their classes, this may not be the most effective method. While it will save your child from having to carry multiple notebooks, it can also cause their notes to be a mess. Notes for different subjects may get jumbled together and make it hard to find specific information. To prevent this from happening, use a separate notebook for each class and only store items from that class in its respective notebook. Organize the notes further by always labeling them with the date and the specific topic they cover.

Be Prepared for Class

Arriving to class just on time may be ok for your attendance, but it can leave you unprepared for the beginning of class. You're better off arriving a bit early so that you have time to pull out your notebook, a pen or pencil, and other necessary objects. If you are prepared at the beginning of class, then you can be sure you won't miss anything while searching your backpack for a pencil or your notebook.

Learn to Understand Certain Cues

If you're paying careful attention to the teacher, you'll start to notice certain cues that will let you know what information is important. For example, if the teacher writes certain information on the board, you can be sure this information is important. If you're reading aloud in class and the teacher stops the class to discuss a certain point, this information is probably something you should make a note of. Other things may be easier to catch, especially if the teacher lets you know directly that a certain piece of information will be on the test.

Work on Your Penmanship

Your notes don't have to be done in perfect handwriting, but they should be easy to read. If you notice you generally have trouble understanding your notes because of your handwriting, slow down and makes things neater. The last thing you want is a notebook full of notes that you can't use because of something as small as your handwriting. The Tutoring Center Troy MI can help your child become a better note taker this school year. If you're interested in finding out more about their academic programs, tutoring approach, or free diagnostic assessment, contact The Tutoring Center Troy MI at (732) 419- 3813 today.

Use Bullet Points, Numbered Lists, and Dividers

To keep your notes tidy, in order, and not too long, learn to use resources like bullet points, numbered lists, and dividers. Bullet points can help you group together related items in a list. You can keep your notes shorter by not writing the bullet points in complete sentences and simply writing down the main points. Numbered lists are ideal for writing down steps in a process or the order of an event. A list will help you keep things in proper order without losing any steps. Dividers in your notebook work to separate notes focused on different subjects within the same class. This will help you find the exact notes you're looking for when preparing to study for a test.

Use Highlighters and Colored Pens

Using colored pens to take notes is a great strategy for color coding information. When reviewing your notes, this can help you connect related points much more easily. You can also use highlighters to help make important information stand out in your notebook. While studying, you can also use a highlighter to mark information you have thoroughly learned so that you don't waste time on reading over it again.

Keep Things Simple

When taking notes, the best thing you can do is to keep them simple and not too long. Avoid writing things word for word and instead shorten things down to important ideas, dates, names, theories, definitions, and arguments. Explain things in your own words so that you know you understand what you're writing.

Rewrite Your Notes

If you're using your notes to study for an exam, one of the best ways to review them is by rewriting them. Rewriting your notes will help you review some things you had forgotten about while reinforcing information you do remember.

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