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The Benefits of Winter Tutoring

Your child is probably eagerly awaiting their winter break because of the time they get to spend away from school. However, just because they're on break doesn't mean they should completely forget about their academics. Help your child make academic progress even while they're on break.

Catch up on Past Lessons

If your child has struggled to keep up in class this school year, winter break offers the perfect opportunity to help them catch up. Whether your child has struggled with a particular lesson or a whole subject, winter tutoring allows them to go back and learn what they struggled to master. Your child won't have to deal with the added pressure of learning new lessons while going back because they won't have class for at least a couple of weeks. A tutor can help pinpoint the issue holding your child back and can even answer your child's questions. With fewer distractions around, tutoring is sure to help your child head back to school with a better understanding of their old lessons.

Retain Information

Breaks from school provide a much-needed rest period for students, but this rest period can also contribute to some issues. If students don't put their newly acquired knowledge to use over this period, they can actually lose it. When they head back to class, they may struggle to remember certain information and struggle to keep up. Prevent this from becoming an issue with tutoring over winter break. Tutoring sessions will provide your child with the perfect atmosphere to use their newly acquired knowledge and apply it in a fun way. Once your child heads back to school after break, they will be more prepared to move forward and continue building on their knowledge.

Prepare for New Lessons

If your child has done a great job of keeping up in school and maintaining a high GPA, they can still benefit from tutoring. A tutor can help your child continue to build on their existing knowledge and prepare them for upcoming lessons. If your child knows some tough lessons are coming up after winter break, a tutor can start to introduce new concepts related to these. By doing this, your child will have a solid foundation to build off of making mastering these tough lessons and assignments more manageable and less stressful. If you're looking to enroll your child in tutoring, The Tutoring Center Troy MI is the perfect place. Their trained tutors and academic programs are sure to help your child reach academic success this school year. Contact The Tutoring Center Troy MI at (732) 419- 3813 to learn more.

Hold onto School Routines

Your child has likely developed a school routine over the past few months. Routines usually include time for homework and for studying that make completing these tasks much easier. If your child puts their school routine completely on hold during winter break, it can be harder to get back into the groove of things once classes return. Help your child hold onto these routines with tutoring. Although your child probably won't have to get up early on a daily basis, tutoring can at least help them stay in the practice of studying and turning in assignments. Although this may seem small, it can help make your child's transition back to school less of a struggle.

Learn Better Study Habits

Your child may be a great student, but if they don't have great study habits they may struggling to perform well on exams. Use their winter break to improve their study habits and in turn their performance on exams. Tutoring isn't all about learning school lessons; it can also help your child develop better school related habits, such as study and note-taking habits.

Improve Your Child's Attitude Towards Learning

If you've noticed your child has a negative attitude towards anything school related, the issue may be deeper than you think. Some students develop a negative attitude because they're struggling to understand and keep up but are afraid to ask for help. Other students may be bored and need a challenge to keep them interested. Whatever the case is, tutoring can provide a fun space where your child will be more comfortable asking questions. Once they start getting the proper help they need, your child may actually start to enjoy school.

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The Tutoring Center, Troy MI can help your child reach their academic potential this school year. Contact them to learn more about how their academic programs and their one-to-one tutoring approach can help your child reach success. Call them at (248) 509- 7177 to schedule your free diagnostic assessment today!


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