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Yes, it is tempting to use the tablet. You probably don’t need very much imagination to picture this scenario: It’s only a few hours into the day and the kids have already run you ragged. You need some time to yourself or at least enough time to rinse the dishes before the cereal remnants crust to the bowls. The tablet and television seem like such simple, effective solutions…but are they a good idea for kids?

Researchers have weighed in on this topic and many of their conclusions are disconcerting. They claim that children younger than 30 months old “cannot learn from television and videos as they do from real-life interactions” and noneducational programs are “detrimental to the social-emotional development of the child.”

So what are the other, healthier options to entertain and occupy the kids? For this, we have to unplug and go old school!

The Creative: Arts and Crafts

  • How many times have you bought an expensive toy for a child only to find them playing with the box it came in instead? Skip the pricey purchase and let your kids decorate a basic cardboard box. They can design a room for their stuffed animals or a little fort for themselves!
  • Here’s one that’s a hit with all the kids: slime! Using school glue, borax (sodium tetraborate), food coloring, and water, you can play the mad scientist and make slime for the kids to get silly with.

The Classic: Physical Activities

  • One activity that keeps them in one place but helps with motor skills is cup stacking. Whether you purchase the official speed-stacking cups or just use paper ones, your child can race against their best time in constructing and deconstructing a pyramid of cups.
  • If your kids aren’t old enough to bike alone, this one requires your supervision. That doesn’t mean you can’t use a good bike ride to clear your head and enjoy some exercise, even if you are keeping an eye out for potential “Look, no hands!” disasters. Lead the kids on a weekly ride to your local library and stock up on new books!

The Cognitive: Learning Activities

  • If your kids are readers, this one is pretty easy. Just keep them well supplied with books they haven’t read before (and the favorites they want to read again), and you’re in for a peaceful afternoon.
  • As you well know, kids love to figure things out on their own. How many times have you heard “No, I do it!” this week? Thankfully, there are thousands of puzzle books and games out there for every level of development.  Just be sure to get each kid their own so they can tell you how they solved it all by themselves!


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