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The Benefits of Winter Tutoring

Your child is probably eagerly awaiting their winter break because of the time they get to spend away from school. However, just because they're on break doesn't mean they should completely forget about their academics. Help your child make academic progress...

How to Take the Most Effective Class Notes

If your child has trouble taking class notes that they can use later on, help them take better notes with these simple tips.

Use a Separate Notebook for Each Class

Although some students think it's easier to use one large notebook or binder to hold all...

Join us on November 17 for a great seminar on reading comprehension skills. The seminar is free and will be have pizza and pop at the end of the seminar. All high school and middle school students...

Tips to Help Your Child Avoid Procrastinating This School Year

If your child has a hard time getting their work done in a timely manner, encourage them to follow these tips from The Tutoring Center Troy MI.

Create a To-Do List

If your child has a lot of assignments to complete, various...

Here are 10 tips to make this the best school year ever for your child:

1. Help your child get organized. Instead of nagging, show him how being organized will pay dividends in life. Let him experience the ease of being able to find things, the joy of being on time, and the sense of control that...

Join us on September 22 for a great seminar! All high school and middle school students are...


Study Habits That Can Help Your Child Have a Successful School Year

Studying is an important part of every student's academic career. It can often be the difference between a decent grade and an excellent grade and understanding of the material. To help your child step up their studying,...

Don't wait until your child falls behind in his classes to get him enrolled in our fast-paced tutoring programs. It is must easier to stay ahead in class than to fall behind and try to catch up! With tutoring programs for reading, writing, and math, one of our programs is perfect to keep your...


Join us on August 18 for a great seminar! All high school and middle school students are...


Back to School Tips for You and Your Child

As the new school year quickly approaches, be sure your child is ready to make the transition back to school. Follow these tips from The Tutoring Center Troy MI to help ensure you and your child are prepared for the upcoming school year.



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