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Composition Help: Punctuation Rules

Here are a few rules of punctuation to help you in your writing.

Quotation Marks

Use double quotation marks to set off exact, word-for-word quotations, and single quotation marks for quotations within a quotation. Add a space between single and double quotation...

Words Commonly Confused

These words are often confused and misused. The mnemonic devices are suggestions for helping to distinguish the words so you do not make the same mistake.

Stationary vs Stationery

"Stationary" means standing still, while "stationery" is paper for writing. The "a" in...

Math Help: Helpful Math Formulas

Having these formulas ready in mind will help as you advance through your math career.


Remember that the average is the same as the mean. To find the average of a set of numbers, divide the sum of all the numbers in the set by the amount of numbers...

Writing Help: Commonly Misused Words & Phrases

Clean up your writing assignments by correcting these common mistakes.
  1. Got Got is an ugly word. Avoid it if possible. Use must or have instead.
  2. He/she is a clunky way to avoid gender bias in writing. Alternate he...

How to Focus Your ADD Child on School Work

With all the distractions for children these days, it is amazing that they can focus on anything. Hope is not lost. Follow these tips to keep your child focused on the work at hand.


Make sure your child gets exercise in before sitting down to...

Writing Help: Knowing the Parts of Speech

Use this guide to learn the parts of speech.


The verb is the action or state of a sentence. It tells you what is happening. Examples are: to be, run, listen, have, and sing.


Nouns are things or people. They are the subjects and objects in...

Algebra Help: Guide to Special Binomial Products

A binomial is a mathematical expression with two terms, as in . A binomial product is the result of multiplying two binomials together. There are three kinds of special binomial products you can remember to help factor and solve these...

How to Teach an Auditory Learner

Helping your child with their reading and vocabulary growth is important to every parent, and a great way to spend quality time with your children. If you find that your child is an auditory learner, The Tutoring Center in Troy has some ideas on how you can have a...

Figure Out Your Child's Learning Style

It is important to recognize that not all children learn the same way. Each child has their own learning style or combination of styles. As a parent, it is necessary to figure out your child's learning style in order to find ways to keep your child engaged...

We, here at The Tutoring Center in Troy, previously talked to you about summer learning loss. Unfortunately, this phenomenon accounts for learning losses in the areas of mathematics and reading, however there are many things you can do to prevent this common struggle. For this reason at The...


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