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Tips to Help Your Prepare for Your Last Exams of the School Year

As the end of the school year approaches, you likely have some important exams coming up. Instead of stressing, start preparing early to ensure you will do your best. Follow these simple tips from The Tutoring Center near Oakland County to be as prepared as possible for your exams.

Give Yourself Time to Study

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for an important exam is give yourself enough time to study for it. To keep on top of your studying, create a daily study routine that will be easy to follow. If you already have a daily homework routine, consider adding an extra hour to your homework time that can be dedicated to studying. An hour may not seem like a lot, but as your exam day gets closer you will notice how helpful an hour of studying a day can be.

Stay Organized

Organization while studying is important as it can help you stay focused and concentrate better. If you don't already have a study space in your home, now is a great time to make one. Choose a quiet space in your home where you won't be distracted. Avoid studying in bed, where you'll be too comfortable, or in a noisy area of the home. Once you have your study space ready, keep it organized. Be sure it's stocked with the necessary supplies before you start studying. This will help reduce your need to get up and look for items, which can lead to distractions. Organization is also key when it comes to study materials. Try to keep study materials organized and ready to go so you don't have to continuously sort through them and waste time.

Gather Your Study Materials

Using the right study materials and study methods can make a huge difference in your final grade. To make sure you're studying the right concepts and topics, ask your teacher for a study guide. This will help you understand what items will be on the exam and will allow you to pinpoint the areas where you need the most help. Use your class notes, old tests, and homework assignments as study materials.  Try out different study methods, like flashcards and mnemonic devices, that can help you retain and learn information more effectively and efficiently. If your child has an important exam coming up, The Tutoring Center near Oakland County can help your child prepare. Our one-to-one tutoring approach will ensure your child gets the help they need. For tutoring services near Oakland County, call us at (732) 419- 3813 to schedule your free consultation!

Join a Study Group

Some parents may think a study group is just an excuse to get together with friends and pretend to study, but in reality, a study group can actually be very effective. Do your best to not get distracted and be sure to stay focused on your upcoming exam. One of the many benefits of joining a study group is that others in the group may understand information you're having trouble with. They can help teach you what they know in a way that makes more sense to you. You can also quiz each other on information to measure your progress. This social setting can be more conducive to learning for some students, especially social learners.

Ask for Help

If you start your studying early, not only will you have more time to prepare, you will also have more time to ask questions. As you get through your studying, you may get stuck on certain topics you just can't seem to master. When this happens, talk to your teacher and ask for help. Visit your teacher after class and be prepared to ask specific questions about what you're having trouble with. Your teacher will most likely be happy to help in your studying.

Take Care of the Basics

Be sure to take care of your body's basic needs in order to ensure your study time is productive. Basic needs include eating, sleeping, and spending time outdoors. Apart from eating regular meals daily, you should also be snacking on healthy brain food as you study. Avoid eating junk food or sugary snacks because these can cause your body and mind to become sluggish. Instead stick to nuts, seeds, and blueberries to keep your brain fueled and your energy levels up. Drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated and fight off headaches. Get the recommended amount of sleep every night, especially the night before your exam.

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