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Trying to make sure that your children love to read? Here are some tips to help:

Include Libraries and Bookstores in Your Itinerary

Develop a Saturday morning ritual where you visit the library or bookstore on a monthly or weekly visit. Even if the kids initially go kicking and screaming (though they probably won’t); after just a few “book stops,” it will be a sweet treat they come to look forward to. And if you take yearly or seasonal vacations, be sure to schedule a stop to the best library or bookstore in town to reiterate that books are a top priority!

Kiddo See, Kiddo Do

Let them see you reading, rather than just telling them that they should. Kids who tend to view reading as a chore are often just mimicking what they observe.  It’s good for kids to see mom, dad, grandparents, and other loved ones with their nose in a book, laughing out loud at humorous lines or even nibbling at their nails in suspense. What a “action-packed” way to share the enthrallment of books.

Book Treats

Kids who love reading frequently receive books and book paraphernalia as gifts and tokens of love. Start the tradition of gifting a book as one of their birthday and holiday gifts (a tradition you can continue their whole lives), and don’t forget bookmarks, book stickers, and stuffed book characters as stocking stuffers, card inserts, gift toppers, etc.

“Book” Special Events

Have a family book-a-thon one lazy Sunday afternoon or a book-themed sleepover. Take them to visit children’s authors when they make an in-town reading appearance. Just these seemingly small events add up.

Read to Your Kids and Vice Versa

Even if they can’t read yet or they’re just starting to learn, encourage them to convey the story through the images and what they do know. Reading aloud to a parent or loved one as they’re nestled in your lap conveys the message that reading is a positive bonding experience.

Play Audio Books

Forget the DVD feature in your van and play fun audio books instead! Audio books can provide the same level of distraction as cartoons, while allowing children to grow attached to the idea of non-visual storytelling as a form of entertainment. Not to mention, you build their imaginations and listening skills too!


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