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New Year's Resolutions for the School Year

Making New Year's resolutions with your child is a great way to encourage them to set academic goals. Help your child identify the areas they want to work on and how they're going to do it using these tips.

Cut Down on Distractions

It's easy for students to get distracted while doing homework or studying. After all, who doesn't prefer chatting with friends over schoolwork? Although social media may be more fun than homework, it is important that your child gets their work done while paying full attention to it. To accomplish this, figure out your child's main distractions and work to remove them. For example, if your child loses focus as they reply to messages on their cell phone, have them leave their cell phone in another room. Doing simple things like this will help your child stay focused and complete their work quickly and more effectively.

Get Homework Done Daily

Many students put off doing their daily homework, especially if it's not due the next day. This causes work to pile up and become overwhelming. You may notice that your child runs out of time to do homework or is forced to rush through their assignments. If this is the case, help them get their homework done daily to avoid future issues. Set aside daily homework time after school where they can concentrate and gets things done. Keeping up with homework will ensure they never miss assignments and that they get the most out of the practice their homework offers.

Explore New Activities

School isn't all about academics; it also involves extracurricular activities that can help your child grow into a well-rounded student. Help your child explore their passions this school year by encouraging them to try out new activities. Your child can enroll in a music class, learn a new language, or even try out for a sport. Whatever activity they're curious about or show interest in can turn into a lifelong passion. After school tutoring is a great way to help your child stay on track this school year. The Tutoring Center Troy MI is happy to help your child meet their academic goals and perform their best. To learn more about the academic programs they offer, contact The Tutoring Center Troy MI at (732) 419- 3813.

Make More Time for Studying

Studying is often reserved for right before an exam or quiz, but it should actually be part of your child's daily routine. Daily study time is a great way to ensure your child is keeping up with their lessons and is ready to move onto new ones. If your child is looking to get better grades this school year, make study time a regular habit. Set aside time every day for studying after school and before bed. It's best to schedule study time during the quietest hours in your home so that your child has to deal with fewer distractions.

Get Organized

Organization is key when it comes to academic success. If you think about it, something as simple as a messy backpack can mean lost assignments or lost class notes. Help your child get organized by setting organization time at the end of every school week. You can help your child clean out their backpack, their notebooks, and their work area. Step up their organization habits even further by providing them with a calendar or a daily planner where they can keep track of assignments, test dates, and due dates. You can even help your child develop better time management skills that will help keep them even more organized.

Keep up with Healthy Habits

Healthy habits are an important part of your child's academic success. If your child often goes to bed late, doesn't participate in physical activities, or forgets to eat healthy foods, making a resolution that will keep them healthier is a great idea. You can help them stay on track by making healthy meals at home together, going for runs together, and developing a bedtime routine that will get them to bed on time each night.

Make It the Best Year Possible

New Year's resolutions come during the middle of the school year, but they can be a great help. If your child didn't have a great start to the school year, the new semester is a great time to start new. Making New Year's resolutions can help your child pinpoint their goals and find realistic ways to work towards them. Forget all about last semester and work on making this part of the school year the best possible.

Tutoring in Troy MI

Now that your child has set clear resolutions, it's time to start working on them. Get in contact with The Tutoring Center, Troy MI to learn about how they can help your child meet their academic goals this school year. Be sure to ask about their academic programs and how these can help your child reach their academic potential. Give them a call at (248) 509- 7177 to schedule your free diagnostic assessment today!


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