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Choosing the right SAT or ACT prep course can be as challenging as taking the test itself. As students start on their journey to determine which test will best serve their goals, there are a number of considerations that will help them select the best fit.

Determine how much help the student needs.

The first step in any test prep is to take a real, timed, proctored exam. It can be intimidating, but it is a very useful exercise. Establishing a baseline is critical for success. Knowing the students’ strengths and challenges on the exam before any prep helps students better understand where they need to focus their time and energy.  It also allows them to establish realistic goals in choosing the right colleges and universities.

The scored exam will also give you a sense of how well a student performs on various sections, which can help determine whether the student should pursue a broad or focused style of prep course.  For example, if a student has a respectable score on all sections except Math, then The Tutoring Center instructors know where to focus their efforts. This is a big reason why we offer a FREE proctored SAT/ACT and test consultation.

Decide how much to spend.

SAT and ACT Test Prep courses can range in cost from free to nearly $10,000.  The College Board, for example, offers a limited set of free online practice materials and an online course for about $70.  Becoming familiar with the level and type of assistance a student needs can be of great assistance in finding the right fit. Our SAT/ACT Program has very competitive pricing for high quality One-to-One Intense Individualized Instruction (about $40 per hour.)

Understanding the Student’s Learning Style

Taking stock of a student’s learning style can save time and money. Individual tutoring can be an invaluable resource for almost any student preparing for the SAT or ACT, some students might feel a higher level of accountability from One-to-One Intense Individualized Instruction. Most students will benefit from the back-and-forth interaction of One-to-One Intense Individualized Instruction.

In general, One-to-One Intense Individualized Instruction, rather than small group tutoring, is the only way to garner wholly personalized attention to unique topical and test taking skills of a given student. It is also wise to consider a blend of One-to-One Intense Individualized Instruction along with our  SAT/ACT Mastery Workshop to fit a student’s learning style.

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