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As your child moves through the educational system, you are constantly looking for ways to help him or her improve. From learning how to help get your child interested and engaged in reading to providing him or her with a tutor when necessary, you’re likely often looking for ways to help him or her improve. The Tutoring Center in Troy would like to help with that today by providing a few suggestions that you can help your child improve study skills. With improved study skills, you can expect to see more confidence and better grades.  

As a parent, you know your child well. You can start helping your child to improve his or her study skills by assisting your child to identify both his or her strengths and weaknesses. What this will accomplish is simple. Your child will become more aware of the areas in which he or she is doing well. Not only does your child need to see that, but it’s also helpful when you recognize your child’s strengths. This will provide the extra confidence needed to get through the next step, the identification of weaknesses. Once your child is more aware of his or her areas of struggle, you can begin working on a plan to specifically improve those areas. 

Next, remember that, though cramming for a test does have some merit, the ideal way to study would be to study nightly for at least one week prior to an exam. Your child will usually have at least that much notice before an exam is going to take place and should therefore work nightly studying his or her homework for that week. 

Last, in order to be able to study well, your child should be reminded that taking good notes matters. If your child takes the time to write down all of the information the teacher shares, then he or she is going to have a ready made study guide for material that will likely be on the exam. If your child does not catch something or is still unclear, after one night of studying, he or she can ask the teacher for clarification before the information is needed for the exam. 

Even after helping your child to improve his or her study skills, there may still be more room for improvement. If you believe your child could benefit from a tutor, remember The Tutoring Center has prepared and professional tutors who are willing to help. For tutoring in Troy, contact us at 248-509-7177.


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