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The learning process requires certain conditions to make it more efficient and beneficial. Having a space that allows your children to concentrate while they study is crucial. That’s why at The Tutoring Center in Troy, we created the following post containing useful information to set up a study space at home.  

Finding a Spot

Look around your home and find a quiet space that’s always available for your children. Keep in mind that a cool temperature plays an important role, so be sure to set the thermostat to 60-67 degrees. Remember that the table you choose should be wide enough so your children have space for their school supplies and material. Also look for a comfortable chair that supports the spine to avoid any overuse injuries.   


You should remove any electronic devices that can divert the attention of your children. Some students require music to study, just remember to keep it low and try choosing classical music. Try not disturbing your children while they learn, as you can disrupt their attention.

Other Measures

A great study session is affected by other things in your children’s lives. Make sure to establish a clear study schedule and include time for breaks. Also, make sure that your children have a regular sleep routine and include healthy foods in their daily diets. 

Having a study space available at home is also part of creating a study routine. Routines help your children turn study into a habit instead of looking at it as an obligation. Be sure to read our guide on engaging your children in reading

If your children are struggling academically, there are many things you can do. Remember that at The Tutoring Center, we are always ready to help. Our exclusive programs and one-to-one instruction can assist our students in developing solid study skills. Consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Troy. Call 248-509-7177 to learn more about how we can help


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