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There are six factors that will really help your child be more successful with us.

First, it’s extremely important for your child’s attendance to be consistent. Our most successful students come every week at the same times unless there’s an emergency or illness.

Second, it’s important for students to attend sessions during the summer and not to take breaks in their program.  The summertime is when your child will really move up because the rest of the students are not in school.  Even during the school year, your child shouldn’t take a break until he/she is at least 6 months ahead of grade level and getting A’s and B’s in the classroom.

Third, while your child is trying to catch up, try not to involve him/her in more then one outside activity.  More than one will cause increased stress and time commitment, and not enough time to finish homework.  

Fourth, there may be a time during your enrollment that it seems as though your child is doing okay at school.  If one of our students withdraws from the center when they are still behind grade level, even if he/she is doing better in school, there’s a great chance that student will slip down again in the next six months.  We don’t want that to happen.  It’s very important that you commit to keeping your child with us until he/she is six months to one year ahead of grade level. 

Fifth, it’s very important that we stick to one program until your child is six months to one year ahead of grade level.  If your child begins to have trouble in reading and you’re enrolled in our Math Program, please come in and we’ll talk about it. But more than likely, we won’t want to switch back and forth. 

Sixth, there may come a time when the school offers you a special program during school or an after-school tutoring program.  The fact is, it may help your child with homework, but it will not improve the academic skills necessary for long-term academic success.  In other words, more than likely the homework help will not take care of the problem once and for all.  Even though these programs are free, they do not substitute for “prescriptive instruction” which is designed to help your child not only catch up to grade level, but to get six months to one year ahead of grade level.

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