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With your ingredients assembled, you’re now ready for some easy research-tested “recipes” to support your child’s learning. Adapt them to your taste and your child’s preferences. Also, use them to get conversations going with your children about important matters.

  • Start reading stories to your preschooler. Children who are read to often and from early childhood start school with all of the reading readiness skills in place and are anxious to learn how to read independently.
  • “Model” read for your children by reading the daily newspaper or relaxing with your favorite romance or mystery novel — and you don’t have to feel guilty! Children need to see their significant adults reading. You can also use the daily newspaper to familiarize your child with the different kinds of information it contains and to also talk about current events and issues.
  • Encourage your child’s reading habits by providing plenty of materials to read for pleasure. Children who read more develop into good, competent readers. Your neighborhood library is the closest, cheapest source for reading pleasure you can find. Ask the librarian to suggest titles for your children and yourself. With a library card, you and your child can borrow books and other materials for free.   
  • Have your child set ambitious but realistic reading goals, such as one book every week or two. Track their reading progress on a chart and celebrate benchmarks along the way.
  • Involve your child in reading with others. City libraries offer children’s summer reading programs, including story hours for pre-schoolers, reading buddies for young readers, and summer reading clubs for every age group: elementary school children, teenagers, and adults. Check your local branch for details.


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