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Is your child doing better, but still in the process of "catching up?" It's very important to attend sessions throughout the summer and into the new school year.

As we approach the summer months, parents often ask two important questions regarding their child’s program with us. Over the years, we have found that our most successful students are those that “stay the course” until they are not only “caught up,” but are now getting A’s and B’s in the classroom. Here are some answers and suggestions:

Should my child take a break during the summer? 

If your child has struggled with school in the past and is now trying to “catch-up” or do better, the answer to that question is easy; ABSOLUTELY NOT! Actually, summer vacation is the best time during the year to help your child not only “catch-up” quicker, but also to get ready for the next school term in September. We can’t tell you how important it is to start the new school year with more confidence and better skills. If your child is in our Pre-Algebra or Algebra programs, the summer months are critical to getting your child on track and ahead when September rolls around.

I think my child needs a break.  Is it time to withdraw my child from The Tutoring Center? 

This is a question parents often ask when their child seems to be doing better in school, especially at the end of the first semester or the beginning of the second semester when school work is easier. Over the last decade, working with thousands of students at our centers,  we’ve learned which children succeed in our programs and which students continue to have difficulty after leaving our program prematurely, even if they are starting to do better in school. This would be like quitting college just because you did well as a freshman. Long-term success means “staying the course” until your child is six months to one year above grade level in reading, math, and writing, AND getting A’s and B’s in the classroom.


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