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Summer slide refers to learning losses incurred by children over the summer, when they typically are not engaged in formal learning activities. Studies indicate that most children lose over two months of grade level equivalency in math computational skills over the summer. And children test lower on standardized tests at the end of summer than they did just a few months earlier. As a consequence, teachers usually spend the first month or so of the school year re-teaching or reviewing material that students forgot over the summer vacation.

What can parents do to prevent the summer slide for their children? Here are a few tips:

  • Before the school year ends, ask your child’s teacher for recommendations about summer workbooks and pleasure books that can be used over the summer.
  • Visit the library — often. The library is a great place to instill a love of reading in children. Librarians can suggest grade-level reading material or just let your children browse.
  • Go on day trips to the zoo, museum, or art institute. Have your children keep a journal about these activities.
  • Set aside reading or math time. At least a few times a week, set aside at least a half hour or hour of family learning time. Read books, do math problems, write short stories. Make it fun, so your children will enjoy these activities.
  • Make your vacation a learning experience. Consider visiting historical places or national parks to discuss history lessons.
  • Continue tutoring sessions at The Tutoring Center during the summer months. While many parents feel they should give their children a break during the summer, that is actually the best time for your child to fill in learning gaps or jump ahead of the class. While other students’ skills are sliding down during the summer, your child can be accelerating.

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