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Sit down with your child early in the second semester and show her how she can have a great school year.

1. Don’t be tardy or miss class. The simple act of always being on time and in your seat when the bell rings will go a long way toward impressing any teacher with your eagerness to learn.

2. Say something nice to your teacher once in a while. Extending common courtesies to teachers will probably bowl them over. Not many kids say hello to a teacher, thank the teacher for anything, or even bring a small present once in awhile. Telling a teacher that you really liked a lesson or think she did a good job will probably cause cardiac arrest.

3. Sit in the front row or change your seat this semester. Some teachers assign seats and often place students with attention problems near the front of the classroom. If you choose a front row seat, you’ll get more positive attention from the teacher, will be less distracted by what is going on, and will always be able to see what is written on the chalkboard.

4. Make friends with someone in the class who gets good grades. Doing so will prove very helpful if you get in a homework bind. This person not only will know exactly what the assignment is, but also can explain it to you if you call them the night before.

5. Do extra-credit work if it is assigned, and do some even if it isn’t. Showing a willingness to go above and beyond may give you the benefit of the doubt if you do poorly on a test or miss a homework assignment.

6. Remember that the teacher is there to help you. Ask for help if you don’t understand. Go in before class to get help with a math problem. Stay after class to double-check that you’ve understood the homework assignment correctly. Make an appointment to see the teacher if he can’t help you right away.  In your child’s world, not everyone values kids who work hard at school. That’s why every child needs at least one adult who will say “school matters to you, and you matter to me.” No matter how tough and independent they seem, don’t let them fool you. Our kids need supportive moms and dads to help them get up and face a new day.

Lastly, you should be proud of yourself for taking the time each week to bring your child to his/her sessions at The Tutoring Center. You are showing your child that you care about school. The simple fact is that children, even teenagers, feel safer when adults show they care about their future. Participating in your child’s education is one of greatest gifts you can give your child and The Tutoring Center thanks you!

Tutoring in Troy MI
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