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How to Focus Your ADD Child on School Work

With all the distractions for children these days, it is amazing that they can focus on anything. Hope is not lost. Follow these tips to keep your child focused on the work at hand.


Make sure your child gets exercise in before sitting down to work. Staying active will tire the body but awaken the mind, making it the ideal time to start work. Have your child bike to school, join a sports team, or do household chores.

Let's Get Visual

Make a visual schedule and to-do list. Make pictures of the tasks. Seeing it spelled out in illustrations helps remind your child of what needs to be done. Watching the items get crossed off the list is an incentive as well.

Don't Overwhelm

Some children with ADD get overwhelmed by the enormity of their task and focus on something else. Get creative to avoid this issue. Put flaps in the homework folders so that your child only sees a couple of problems at a time without being distracted by what remains.

Essential Oils

A bit of lavender behind the ears can calm your child down. Put some peppermint oil in a diffuser to focus attention.

Use Props

If your child loves her stuffed animals and action figures, use them to motivate her. Have them tell her what to do, ask questions, and give answers. It will seem like playtime for your child, but she will be learning at the same time.

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