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Back to School Tips for You and Your Child

As the new school year quickly approaches, be sure your child is ready to make the transition back to school. Follow these tips from The Tutoring Center Troy MI to help ensure you and your child are prepared for the upcoming school year.

Practice Your School Routine

Having a daily routine in place can make the transition back to school much easier for you and your child. A few weeks before the first day of class, establish a routine for the school year and start practicing it. Start by setting a bedtime for your child that will ensure that he or she gets enough sleep each night. You should also set a reasonable hour for your child to get up in the morning. Factor in the time needed for showering, getting ready, and eating a healthy breakfast. As you practice your routine, be sure you're all ready to go with enough time to make it to school before the tardy bell. To get your child in the habit of doing homework, create daily quiet study hours. Limit television time and instead, have your child read or go over last year's lessons.

Use a Calendar to Stay Organized

The arrival of a new school year also means many important dates to keep track of. Use a calendar to keep track of registration dates, deadlines for paperwork, school schedules, and conference dates. Be sure to also make a note of holidays and non-student days. Once your child starts school, have them jot down important test days, project deadlines, and extracurricular activities. You may also want to write down the dates of school functions, such as dances and field trips. To keep things even more organized keep a folder of all your important school-related documents. Having a designated folder will help you easily access these documents when necessary.

Keep Healthy Meals in Mind

What you feed your child can have an effect on their academic performance. While it's important to provide your child with the right amount of meals each day, what these meals are made of is also important. Be sure to provide your child with a healthy breakfast every morning. Breakfast should be free of greasy and sugary items that can upset your child's stomach. Pack a balanced lunch that includes fruits and vegetables and avoid packing sugary drinks that can cause your child's energy to crash in class. To get your child more excited about a healthy lunch, have them help you pick their lunchbox items and prepare them. If your child tends to get hungry between meals, pack a healthy snack, such as nuts or a granola bar, to help them stay concentrated in class. The Tutoring Center Troy MI can help ensure your child is ready to take on the new school year. They can help your child retain old school lessons and avoid the summer slide. To find the best tutoring classes in Troy MI, contact The Tutoring Center Troy MI. Call today at (732) 419- 3813 to find out more about how they can help make this school year a successful one.

Prepare a Homework Space at Home

Help make homework time more productive by creating a homework station. Start by looking for a quiet, well-lit space where your child is less likely to get distracted. Spaces with less foot traffic and that are a distance away from televisions and video games tend to be more effective. Once you've found the perfect space, create the right environment. Be sure your child has a desk to work on and a comfortable chair to sit in. To avoid having your child get up to look for supplies, stock your homework station with the right tools. Once school starts, some teachers may send home a list of the supplies needed for their class. Before then, you can start with standard supplies, such as pencils, an eraser, scissors, notebook paper, and a ruler. Lastly, create a homework schedule in order to ensure your child makes time for homework and studying every day.

Consider Enrolling Your Child in Tutoring

Tutoring is a great tool that can make the transition back to school much smoother. By participating in tutoring during the summer, students stay in the habit of learning, studying, and completing assignments. Tutoring can also help your child retain their knowledge from the previous school year, ensuring they don't fall behind when classes start in the fall. Tutoring isn't all about learning information, it is also a great way to help your child develop better study habits, study techniques, and organization skills that are essential during the school year.

Enroll Your Child in Tutoring in Troy MI

The Tutoring Center, Troy MI can help your child prepare for the new school year. Learn more about the academic programs and tutoring approach by calling at (248) 509- 7177.


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