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Tutoring offers a great opportunity for your children to review difficult material and move ahead in strong subjects. One-to-one tutoring programs are specially designed to meet the needs of your child. Here are twelve ways that tutoring will assist your child.

Benefits of Tutoring in Troy, MI

Easing Transitions

Even with Common Core, there are differences between schools in different states and neighborhoods. Tutors can help your child adjust if you are moving to a new school. There is also considerable anxiety about moving to the next level of middle school or high school. Tutors can also help with these transitions as well.

Avoid Summer Learning Loss

While students are away from school, they will forget a lot of what they learned. Much of the new year is spent trying to regain the level they had achieved by the end of the year before. By hiring a tutor year-round, your child will continue to work the skills gained and prepare her for the year ahead. It is not an excuse to push an A student to becoming an A+ student, but to help with the transition to the new year.

Standardized Testing

Entrance to college and even private middle schools and high schools is becoming intense, and these institutions rely heavily on standardized tests. Tutors can help prepare your child for these tests so she can perform her best. Having subject knowledge is often not enough, because these tests use tricks to deceive. Finding a tutor specialized in the area of the standardized test you need will prepare your child for what to expect.


Many parents are too tired after a full day of work to be adequate homework monitors for their children. Tutors are trained professionals who dedicate themselves to helping students improve their study and work habits, taking a lot of pressure off of parents. Instead of fighting with your child to do her homework, she can do it with a tutor who can spend quality time helping her with problem areas.


Tutors can teach your child that they are not alone in their struggles. Your child is not struggling because she is dumb but just needs time to figure things out. As she works with her tutor and realizes that she can understand what she thought she could not, she will feel better about other struggling areas as well.

Personal Attention

At The Tutoring Center in Troy, we offer one-to-one tutoring.  Having a dedicated tutor will allow your child to advance at her own pace, spending more time focusing on weak areas in need of improvement. The feedback she receives is more individual, meaningful, and impacting. Call us today at 248-561-8241 to receive a free diagnostic assessment.

More Time-on-Task

Your child will receive additional help on learning skills to reinforce what she has learned in school. Additional exercises will give her more time to practice her lessons and apply the skills she is learning.

Life-Long Learning

Tutoring can make learning fun, so your child will want to improve their studies inside and outside of school. Encouraging a life of learning will help your child succeed in academics and her career.

Battle Summer Slide

When children are not in school, they experience learning loss. In subject areas that are cumulative in nature, especially mathematics, forgotten skills can have adverse effects for even the best student. Even an hour or two a day of summer instruction can help your child keep the knowledge they have gained and get them ready for the next school year.

Improves Grades

The bottom line is that tutoring can improve your child's grades, which is a good thing. Even better are the reasons why your child's grades will improve. Your child will learn to study better, gain an interest in studying, and increase confidence and self-esteem.

Reducing Risky Behaviors

Tutoring gives your child something productive to do in a safe, supportive environment while not in school. This benefit is especially helpful during the summer months when your child has a lot of free time.

Extra Challenge

Remember that tutoring is not only for struggling children. Gifted students are often bored by school material, and tutoring offers them a customized learning structure to keep them engaged and challenged.

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Visit the webpage of The Tutoring Center in Troy, MI to find out more about our subject-specific academic programs in math, reading, writing, and more. Based on your child's free diagnostic assessment, we will develop educational goals and a plan in tune with your child's individual needs. Call today at 248-561-8241 to get your child on the road to academic success.


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