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Incorporate More Learning Opportunities

If you haven’t already encouraged activities like summer reading, enrichment camps, or games and projects that promote learning, commit at least 30 minutes a day to reading a book together, working on a puzzle, discussing current events, playing games like Memory or Scrabble, or working on any project that reviews or teaches a skill set. You’ll spend valuable (and memorable) time together while helping them shift back into a learning mindset.

The Early Bird Gets the A

The beginning of the school year is critical for starting on a fresh slate and building a good rapport with teachers, but that’s decidedly more difficult for dog-tired students who are suddenly rising two-plus hours earlier. Too rapid of a change in sleep patterns can be really stressful for kids at any age. Why not gradually start better habits, so their new school hours aren’t so shocking to their system? About 3-4 weeks before school starts, begin waking them 15 minutes earlier in three-day increments. The idea is that before school even begins, they’re rising within 30 minutes of their regular wake-up time. While this might be easier for youngsters than teens, it’s still doable. Discourage late nights by scaling back on weeknight curfews, and set new rules that deter staying up during the week. For example, you might enforce that all electronics be shut off by 9:00 or 10:00 p.m., or anyone up past a certain time must be reading. Reading at night has a funny way of inducing sleep.

Anticipate Their Fears and Anxiety

If they’re starting at a new school or transitioning to something new like lockers, rotating teachers, driving to school, managing a part-time job, etc., your son/daughter could be experiencing some anxiety that he/she is too embarrassed to admit. Open a dialogue by sharing a memory from when you were their age or find a book, movie, or current event that addresses these fears. If you can help them anticipate any issues that might crop up and build coping strategies, they’ll feel much more empowered as they begin the new school year.


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