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What to Do Over Summer Break to Prepare for College Applications

As your child gets even closer to applying to college, avoid the stress of leaving everything until the last minute. Use your child's summer break to their advantage by preparing for college with these tips.

Visit College Campuses

Visiting college campuses in the area or universities your child has expressed an interest in can really get them excited about becoming a college student. As they get to experience college life first hand, they will feel that much closer to finally living it. This will help them stay on track when it comes time to fill out their applications and can even help them take the process a bit more seriously.

Get Some Professional Insight

If your child already has an idea of what they want to major in or what industry they want to work in, encourage them to find resources that will help them get there. They can look for internships that will give them a better idea of what the industry is like and what skills they should focus on developing during their college years. It's also a good idea to connect them with professionals who work in their desired field so that they can get advice and further insight.

Understand Application Requirements

If your child knows what schools they want to apply to, help them research each school's application requirements. Most schools will require that your child fills out a standard application, send in transcripts and test scores, and write personal statements. Other schools may also require letters of recommendation, a portfolio, and even interviews. Be sure you and your child understand all of these requirements and their due dates so that you don't end up rushing to send things in on time.

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