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How to Get Your Child Reading This Winter Break

Reading may not seem like the most fun activity, but you can definitely make it more fun for your student. Use this winter break to encourage your child to develop a love of reading using these simple tips.

Set Reading Goals

Before school lets out...

How to Ensure Your Child Completes Their Homework Over Winter Break

Although many students are looking forward to a winter break full of fun and relaxation, chances are they will have to complete at least some homework during this period. To ensure your child stays productive and completes their...

How to Boost Your Child's Confidence at School

If your child often feels less than great when it comes to academics, there are a few things you can do to help boost their academic confidence. Use these tips to get them on the right track.

Model Positive Behavior

Positivity is a powerful...

Yes, it is tempting to use the tablet. You probably don’t need very much imagination to picture this scenario: It’s only a few hours into the day and the kids have already run you ragged. You need some time to yourself or at least enough time to rinse the dishes before the cereal remnants crust...

Give Your Child's Day Some Structure With School Year Routines

One of the best ways to keep your child on track during the school year is by setting school year routines they can follow. The structure created by a routine can ensure your child is staying productive while streamlining their day....


Trying to make sure that your children love to read? Here are some tips to help:

Include Libraries and Bookstores in Your Itinerary

Develop a Saturday morning ritual where you visit the library or bookstore on a monthly or weekly visit. Even if the kids initially go kicking and screaming (though...

What to Do Over Summer Break to Prepare for College Applications

As your child gets even closer to applying to college, avoid the stress of leaving everything until the last minute. Use your child's summer break to their advantage by preparing for college with these tips.

Visit College Campuses



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